The NYC "Art Gallery Walks"

Good Morning,
I am starting my "art gallery walks" this Saturday, September 13th in Chelsea, The NYC "Art Gallery Walks" through for the FALL Art Season.  I volunteer my time and my expertise in the art world, for the past 20 years, to especially expose, cultivate, and include, the new and beginning collector to the demystification of the creative process and perhaps encourage them to contemplate including art in there lifestyles.  I have a dual purpose, I can scout the field for New Talent for my clients for my profession, Private Art Consulting and Art Advisory...HELENE FORBES FINE ART.

As I had a very successful SPRING season enjoying the fantastic art work and installations that we all experienced, ( I am posting some pix) I was encouraged to continue to take this approach and casual format again for what appears to be, from my brief scan of the exhibitions, quite lively!  Sooooooooooo...all I can say is "ART is like Grand Music, an eternal act of generosity..."