CINDY SHERMAN -Portrait of a Lady

CINDY SHERMAN recent exhibition at Metro Pictures was a complete surprise especially when I noticed that 2 of the people in the NYC Gallery Walks/Chelsea  more than resembled would-be-relatives of the "Ladies of a Certain Age" which is what I call the theme of this show.
Actually, her genre this time depicted "mature women" (gender specific work) of all types...cultural, economic, geographic and spiritual persuasions. However, there was another layer showing the evolution, either by choice or by circumstances,  to emphasize the emotional and/or personality differences that exists between these very large portraits.  Size matters...
For me, it was a statement of feminism redux!  Reality vs Hope..  of a life lived by women "with" those hard fought for entitlements.  As I walked the exhibit, it was evident that SHERMAN had captured the enigma of choice in her set-ups in the composition of this work... 
The portraits reflect a primal visibility, at last, of that intriguing inner life lived  and exposed... by generation, facial expressions and explicit fashion drag. 
Which portrait did I relate to?   And you?

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"Artists Making Photographs" at the Whitney opening today Friday, January 16th...I seem to be getting more interested in looking at photographs lately also portraits since I went to MOMA to see Marlene Dumas' Exhibition,  "Measuring Your Grave".  A friend artist, Amy who has a studio in Greenpoint asked me to model for her.  She is a portrait-artist and needs new inspiration. I know that DUMAS used photographs for content, but AMY is determined to draw and paint from life.  So be it...I get to do a little artwork myself by accomodating her.

I was wondering if portraiture is making a comeback?



The New Year Begins on January 8th at 6PM and it is HOT!  
Many Artist Opening Receptions Tonite...
I'm going to tag along with my friend Elizabeth from MeetUp's Art Travelers Group, but I don't know how long I will crowded, but a lively crowd to be sure.  I know that most of the 30-ish people go ONLY to socialize, but I'm grateful to see them down there at all...considering that "they would rather be shopping" ! I eally get a kick out of the "art & fashion" debacle that always ensues...still cracks me up even tho I know that I've seen most every combination of clothing as well as couples. Some of the outfits are works of art themselves...  LOVE IT!

On Saturday I will be on line in the early AM along with 100's of others at the Metro Pictures Gallery awaiting my turn to try my luck at choosing one of 1800 "Postcards from the Edge" exhibition to benefit Visual AIDS at a blind  showcase of artists'  postcard artwork for ONLY $75 a pop.  Wonder what I'll end up with when I test my collectors "eye" if I'll be in or out of the $$$. I'll be sure to comment on my "find" next time...

Then on to see Denise she will have a generous Group Show Exhibition, Mixed Greens, well, I'll let you know...

An interesting  FILM event being shouted out by ScenePR

Great viewing as always at Phillips de Pury.I always enjoy myself there.