CINDY SHERMAN -Portrait of a Lady

CINDY SHERMAN recent exhibition at Metro Pictures was a complete surprise especially when I noticed that 2 of the people in the NYC Gallery Walks/Chelsea  more than resembled would-be-relatives of the "Ladies of a Certain Age" which is what I call the theme of this show.
Actually, her genre this time depicted "mature women" (gender specific work) of all types...cultural, economic, geographic and spiritual persuasions. However, there was another layer showing the evolution, either by choice or by circumstances,  to emphasize the emotional and/or personality differences that exists between these very large portraits.  Size matters...
For me, it was a statement of feminism redux!  Reality vs Hope..  of a life lived by women "with" those hard fought for entitlements.  As I walked the exhibit, it was evident that SHERMAN had captured the enigma of choice in her set-ups in the composition of this work... 
The portraits reflect a primal visibility, at last, of that intriguing inner life lived  and exposed... by generation, facial expressions and explicit fashion drag. 
Which portrait did I relate to?   And you?

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