I LOVE SATURDAYS! "Art is like grand music, an eternal act of generosity..."

We had quite a crowd combining meetups this Saturday, October 11 at 2PM, the NYC "Art Gallery Walks with the (more photos, here) in Chelsea.  A great deal to view this week, including "paintings that were made to look like photographs, framed under glass, and "photos that were made to look like paintings", lavishly lit and highlighted in the photo-realism style.  Being diminished by observing the "HUGE" portraits by artist, Victor Rodrigues at the Ramis Barquet Gallery, was for some, a confrontation to their sensibilities.  It was a fab experience having our perception challenged once again, and enjoying the feedback, critique, and lively conversation that insued from all the other exhibitions that we visited as well...GoGo, Mike Weiss, Luhring Augustine, Stux Gallery, Mary Boone, Metro Pictures (WOW).

Once again, we were fortunate to be welcomed as guests, and have the Artists from the Lohin-Geduld Gallery, join with us for a Q & A Session to discuss their work on view, at great length. The group members provided intelligent feedback that impressed the gallery director.  I chatted with her about my intention to demystify the artworld for the new or beginning collector by volunteering my time and expertise doing these gallery tours on Saturdays.

Refreshed by some wine and/or water served at the gallery we continued the adventure and then concluded the tour at an Artist Opening Reception at the Dillon Gallery delighted to feast our eyes and sit down on the benches and rest (always a guilty pleasure at a gallery) while meditating and merging with those wonderful painterly large realistic canvases depicting calm and PEACE.  At last, safe in familar territory refreshed and restored!  And then... and then?  A group of us "Art Enthusiasts" had a great dinner in the 'hood...