While visiting the FRANCIOS BARD exhibition at Axelle Fine Art, the model for one of the artist's paintings arrived unexpectedly at the gallery (photo above). The portrait of his hands is a typical composition by Bard.
"His paintings are of the simplest of all subjects, be it a shoe, a leg, a torso, a foot, a dog, or a face, which will take on a tragic and magnificent dimension. He manages to translate all his intimate emotion into a two-dimensional art work; each painting is an endless exercise of composition, rhythm and struggle, and the use of multiple layers of oil accentuates the feel and dynamic mood.
Bard’s paintings can be described as edgy. There is a dark, urban quality to his paintings that evoke both a sense of danger, loneliness and alienation of modern urban life."
Impressive is the uncanny skill of the artist in capturing an exact  fabrication of the textures of all the inanimate objects that appear in each painting. BARD's process of application of oil paint, the scraping and scaring marks to the canvas is unexpected and a wondrous deviation from most traditional European painting of this genre, This technique allows the work to move forward, albeit derivative, into the realm of new Contemporary Art for the 21st Century.
Axelle Fine Art is located at 525 West 25th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues).

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