THE  "NAKED" GUGGENHEIM - An Invisible Art Exhibition and/or BABY IT'S YOU!

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"...Sehgal is one of the few really really formally radical contemporary artists. I say this only having seen his work once ..."  quote by a facebook friend, writing on a thread of New York Magazine Senior Art Critic, Jerry Saltz's FB page on Tuesday, January 26th.

Had the intention of very special day attending the small exhibition (30 works)  at the Guggenheim Museum's Collection of Non-Objective Modern Art, for a causal afternoon viewing.  To my amazement, shock and awe, I was confronted by a completely "empty" Guggenheim.  Bare walls and very few people mulling around on the ramps.  Looked kinda' strange to me, however, I knew that it was between exhibitions.  Took the elevator to Tower 5, enjoyed viewing the paintings, walked to Tower 7  (noticed some curator types merandering around)  finished up with the Brancusi wood sculptures.  Wandering onto the ramp I noticed Tino Sehgal and was introduced by a project director I had veen talking with, she made the introduction.   Had a nice chat with him about his upcoming opening and offered congrats.  He then proceeded to "convince" me and my friend to join the on-going rehersal of the Exhibition which will open on January 29th.  I said "Where" he said "down there" I said "Where" he said "take the elevator down to the rotunda, and look for the children " I looked at him knowing I was supposed to have "an experience" as i had read the PR in the NYT.  We shook hands and I thought WTF is going on in here.. what was I supposed to do, participate somehow? However, I was getting dizzy and on the edge of Vertigo from those pure while walls that seemed to be swirling around me - strange energy indeed.  I  then happened to look over the railing down to the floor of the rotunda and saw  a " Choreography/Action" taking place...

(Blurry Photos Taken by Artchick1)

Knowing that I was committed to being  "involved" we arrived at the first ramp and was greeted by a child performer who asked me what "PROGRESS" meant to me... we walked and talked, until another performer met us with a new question about other countries and art (more walking UP) met by another performer with another interaction about Technology (more walking UP) met by another performer and another discussion a little more confrontational (more walking UP) and so it continued with different performers, more interactions until we reached the top ramp (walking ALL the way UP) then it was over - no one said it was over, we had to ask - got an affirmative "nod" and the performer disappeared...Press Release details 

 It is 5 hours later and I am still having an "experience" and a bad headache from the stark WHITE WALL S,  the emptiness of the museum, and the effects the magnificent architecture had on my mind and body, but that's for another post...


Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read stories like that. By the way add more pics :)

ArtChick1 said...

]Thank you so much for noticing; If you like pix - check out NYC Art Gallery Walks Chelsea blog as well